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Splicing Trailers

The Mobile Tech Fiber-Optic Splicing Trailer is a mobile unit designed for efficient splicing and testing of fiber-optic cables. It's compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all the necessary equipment and tools required for fiber-optic splicing, including fusion splicers, cleavers, power meters, OTDRs, and other essential testing equipment. Available in stock sizes of 6'x10', 7'x12', and 8'x12', there's a solution for every size need.

While some manufacturers use aluminum, the exterior of each Mobile Tech trailer is made with fiberglass, a lightweight, easily repairable material that offers superior protection from the elements, ensuring that the equipment inside remains safe and secure during transport. Additional brace supports and enhanced welded design make Mobile Tech trailers sturdier, safer and longer-lasting. Plus, a raised frame allows our trailers to better navigate ditches and rough roads. Inside, the trailer is typically outfitted with racks and shelves to organize and store all the equipment and supplies needed for splicing and testing.

Equipped with a generator to power the equipment, as well as air conditioning and heating systems, Mobile Tech trailers maintain a comfortable work environment regardless of the weather conditions outside. Mobile Tech splicing trailers are designed for easy transport to different locations, making them an ideal choice for telecommunications companies, cable providers, and other organizations that need to perform fiber-optic splicing and testing on-site. Compact size and versatility make for an efficient and cost-effective solution for any organization that needs to perform fiber-optic splicing and testing.

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